Highly cushoning, ultra-flexible chest protector made of viscoelastic soft foam that adapts to every body contour.

The two-part chest protector SC-1/CP7 (type B/large size) in SAS-TEC’s own Tripleflex design easily meets protection level 1 of the current standard EN 1621-3:2018 despite its small thickness. Thanks to its outstanding flexibility, the SC-1/CP7 adapts perfectly to every imaginable breast shape. Air can circulate between the body-facing Tripleflex elements, while a highly tear-resistant fabric on the outside ensures maximum functionality.

Fits anatomically perfectly when worn, hardly noticeable. High-end technology for even more security.

Article: SC-1/CP7
Protection level: 1
Weight: ca. 180 g (pair)
Dimensions (L/W/H):  ca. 220/150/9 mm (per side)

  • Protectors are not destroyed by an impact and can still be used
  • Protectors are lightweight
  • Protectors adapts perfectly to the contours of the body
  • Protectors are washable

    (remove, hand launder separately / water absorption less than one per cent)