SC-1/FB2-S new

Innovative Level 2 back protector made of viscoelastic soft foam in SAS-TEC protected Tripleflex design. The extremely flexible full-back protector has numerous ventilation openings and adapts easily to every body contour and movement.

Fits anatomically perfect, hardly noticeable.
High-end technology for even more safety.

We recommend the FB2 series for any type of motorcycle and sports protective clothing.

Article: SC-1/FB2-S
Protection level: 2
Weight: ca. 330 g
Dimensions (L/W/H):  ca. 400/250/17 mm
Variants: Black (with/without velcro)

Certification size: 38-42
Recommended for body height* (cm): 140-165

*SAS-TEC-Recommendation (does not necessarily need to comply with the certification length)

  • Protectors are not destroyed by an impact and can still be used
  • Protectors are washable

    (remove, hand launder separately / water absorption less than one per cent)