SC-1/KCAair new

Variant of the popular SC-1/KA model equipped with numerous ventilation holes. Thanks to its intelligent design, this protector is highly flexible even at low temperatures and is made of viscoelastic soft foam with very good impact absorption values: residual force below 25 kN (standard, level 1: 35 kN). Side slits give the SC-1/KCAair additional freedom of movement. Extremely flat design, making it almost invisible under clothing.

We recommend using this protector in the shoulder, elbow, knee and hip areas. High-end technology for even more safety.

Article: SC-1/KCAair
Weight: ca. 43 g/piece
Dimensions (L/W/H):  ca. 205/135/7 mm
Protection level: 1 (mean value below 35 kN)
Protection area: S/E/K Type B, H Type B
yellow/black, with/without velcro


  • Protectors undercut the prescribed standard EN 1621-1:2012, Level 1 by about 30 percent
  • Protectors are not destroyed by an impact and can still be used
  • Protectors are lightweight
  • Protectors are highly flexible
  • Protectors are washable

    (remove, hand launder separately / water absorption less than one per cent)