Pre-shaped 3D-protectors made of viscoelastic soft foam for excellent adaption onto the knuckles.

The K1-models are available in two different basic versions:

  1. As a pure foam part for to use in protector pockets.
  2. With a high abrasion-resistant foil surface for the field of vision of the gloves.

All foil versions will be delivered with overlapping foil for an easier manufacturing. There are different versions available with shiny or matt foil, either single-colored (black) or with a carbon design. Individual designs can be realized at an additional cost.

Of course the knuckle protectors are asymmetric, with different shapes for the left and right hand to guarantee a perfect fitting and best comfort.

Due to excellent damping characteristics, the SC-K1 consist easily the higher protection Level 2 (residual Forces below 4 kN) of the new glove Standard for motorcyclists EN 13594.

As field of application for the K1 models are primarily gloves for motorcycle industry (road and offroad), in addition downhill, roller and skates, horse riding and winter sports – just wherever protection of hands (especially knuckles) is requested.

Article: SC-K1
Weight*: ca. 8-12 g / item
Height*: ca. 5-7 mm
Protection level: 2

*depending on size

Available sizes and dimensions (L/W/H) in mm:

  • M (70/44/5)
  • L (88/53/5,5)
  • LL (95/57,5/5,9)
  • XL (102/62/6,3)
  • XXL (110/67/6,6)