Level 2 version of the top ventilated SCA back protector family. Made of viscoelastic soft foam with excellent impact absorption values: residual force according to EN 1621-2 below 8 kN (limit value level 2: 9 kN).

Adapts perfectly to the anatomy, hardly noticeable.
High-end technology for even more safety.

We recommend the SCA series for motorbike summer clothing and any kind of sports protective clothing.

Article: SCA-450-2
Performance level: 2
Weight: ca. 360 g
Dimensions (L/W/H):  approx. 460/238/16 mm

Certification size: 40-45
Recommended for body height* (cm): 155-185

*SAS-TEC recommendation (does not necessarily need to comply with the certification length)

  • Protectors are not destroyed by the impact, so can still be used
  • Protectors are washable

    (herausnehmen, separate Handwäsche/ Wasseraufnahme unter ein Prozent)