Injection-molded plastic protectors in SAS-TEC’s own Tripleflex design. Three different models are currently available: TF10, TF30 and TF40. Standard color neon yellow, standard hardness Shore 85 A (other colors and versions on request).

In the standard version, the Tripleflex pads meet the damping requirements of EN 15613 (indoor sports standard).

The extremely flexible and very flat pads offer maximum ventilation and can be sewn directly onto clothing if necessary.

Article: TF10/TF30/TF40
Weight: ca. 17/55/32 g / piece
Dimensions (L/W): ca. (ø 90)/(ø 195)/(150/105) mm
Thickness: ca. 6,5 mm
Protection level: Standard for indoor sports EN 15613

  • Protectors pass the requirements of the Standard for indoor sports EN 15613
  • Protectors are well ventilated
  • Protectors are extremely flexible
  • Protectors are washable